Team GetSetGig  101

“It takes two flints to make a fire.”

Passion drives motivation, motivation drives courage and courage drives success. But there is one saying about success- “The difference between success and failure is a great team.”

Here’s an introduction (101) to the team that is leading GetSetGig‘s boat:

Sahaj Nalgirkar – Founder(Mr. CEO) 

GetSetGig Founder Sahaj Nalgirkar
Sahaj Nalgirkar, Founder


This Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) graduate realised very early that he is not meant for a 9-5 job. He has been learning music since he was 10 years old and always aspired to be a composer. He has learnt Harmonium from Pt. Tulsidas Borkar and knows to play 5 more instruments. A very easy to get along person, strategist and believes in doing things. He has put aside his own music career to help thousands of others make theirs through GetSetGig.

Aditya Hanchinal – Co-Founder(Hanchi)

GetSetGig Founder Aditya Hanchinal
Aditya Hanchinal, Co-Founder

He too is a B.E. graduate who has always been a musician. His love for music started with a congo but he ended up being a keyboard player and an arranger. He joined Sahaj and soon synced with the concept of GetSetGig. Being an animal lover, a grammar police and an observer, he is an awesome Artist Manager and that is what he does at GetSetGig.
They both handle the day to day operations at GetSetGig and hope to make this one of the biggest Live Entertainment Solutions company in the world.

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