Gig Update – Week 3

Here’s an update of the gigs that happened this past week:

17th September, 2016

This week Infiniti Malad saw the duo Soham Kulkarni & Harshada perform for the crowd. Soham is a great vocalist with a flamboyant texture and it was amazing to see Harshadha sing so well at her debut show. Despite the strength of crowd she stayed strong and delivered the songs very well. Their performance was a mixture of several modern and retro Bollywood tracks.

18th September, 2016

Infiniti Andheri had Kevin Sequeira, who’s the vocalist of the band Kairos, perform for it for the second time. Kevin has a solid voice for pop and rock music but he also shows his versatility by covering blues too. Have a look:



Check out their profiles on GetSetGig by clicking on their names. You can also follow them on social media.

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