TOP 5 Things Every Budding Musician Must Do

Being a musician is a tough job. Unexplained denials and clients backing out from paying are the daily chores that one has to do, unwantingly. Here are our suggestions to be a fully prepared musician:

1. Content is King

Content is the most important thing ever, especially for new and upcoming musicians. Always have a couple of videos(preferred) and/or audios at your disposal. Our suggestion would be to have atleast 3 videos showing various aspects of your talent.

Youtube, pixabay

2. Be Ready To Adjust

There will always be 1 in 10 clients who wants something extra. Give it to them. It’s an usual gig for you but it’s a one time event(esp. weddings) for them.


3. Select Your Niche

It’s always important to know what you exactly want to do. Know your niche and stick to it. It’ll help you choose your gigs.


4. Don’t Ride The Pride Train

Sell your music, don’t sell your attitude. Always remember politeness wins. Charm your audience, don’t harm their sentiments.


5. Be Awesome On & Off Stage

Don’t just be a rockstar on stage. Behave the way you want your idol to behave with you. Don’t forget, respect is always earned.


Let us know if we left anything out in the comments.

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